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    Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Turkey

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    Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence Treatment.

    The sexual process is achieved by reaching the stage of enjoyment and euphoria, depending largely on the ability of the penis to erect, but there are about 150 million men in the world suffer from erectile problems, what are the reasons?

    Erectile Dysfunction Causes:

    There are various reasons, including for a large segment of men age, as erectile dysfunction increases by one per cent each year. Some diseases also lead to ED, for example diabetes, vascular disease, neurological disorders, depression and kidney disease. In addition, some medications such as antidepressants and drugs that help increase the rate of urination can also cause erectile dysfunction. Do not forget other factors that increase the incidence of ED, such as smoking, alcohol, drugs or lack of exercise.

    Erectile Dysfunction

    علاج ضعف الانتصاب

    Who is the largest sector of society that suffer? and what is the ultimate treatment for erectile dysfunction problems?

    For the biggest sector, the main problem is the high psychological pressure on people with ED. People up to 35 years in age can be psychologically affected by erectile dysfunction. The severely affected group of ED is people between the ages of 45 and 69.

    The ultimate treatment of impotence and erectile dysfunction in men:

    Drugs are usually the first step in erectile dysfunction treatment in most men, but most of the time the patient does not get the desired result of these drugs, so we in Istanbul Clinic provide those who are desperate and did not get cured by conventional methods of treatment to undergo one of the following treatments:

    • The first choice erectile dysfunction treatment is by injecting Prp (P-Shot) plasma needles in the penis.
    • The second choice is to treat erectile dysfunction by injecting patients’ own stem cells – derived from abdominal fat cells – into the auxiliary tissue in the erection process of the penis.
    • The third choice is to treat erectile dysfunction by implanting a prosthetic device by surgery that can provide real hope for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction. It is an appropriate and final solution to erectile dysfunction problems.

    Istanbul Clinic Hospital provides its patients with:

    • Treatment of erectile dysfunction and impotence problems.
    • Physiotherapy by P-Shot.
    • Physiotherapy by Stem cell therapy.
    • Treatment by implanting an internal organ that helps for erection.
    • Post-operative patient follow-up.
    • Medical care in the best private-sector hospitals in Istanbul.
    • Turkish doctors graduated from the biggest universities of modern medicine in Turkey.
    • Full patient privacy is our priority.

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      Erectile dysfunction Treatment by stem cells injection

      Stem cell therapy is a natural therapy for anyone with erectile dysfunction. Our staff uses the individual genetic approach of each patient to select and choose stem cells accurately. This method is more effective than the traditional method of treatment, where the stem cells are injected into the penis to recover damaged vessels and tissues in the penis, where the patient’s own stem cells and growth factors help to regenerate sexual tissue and improve erection, sexual performance and penis size, as well.

      The stem cells are extracted by sucking a certain amount of fats from the patient to be considered the largest reservoir of stem cells in humans and then, the stem cells are to achieve and improve the natural erection of males by regeneration of sexual tissues in the penis, in addition to treatment, Stem cells increases the size of the penis.

      Erectile Dysfunction

      Once the necessary components have been extracted, and after being processed in our laboratory by centrifugation, the last step in this process is the almost painless injection performed by the doctor, the injection is placed by a fine needle at specific sites of the penis, and this procedure does not require general anesthetic, Only local anesthesia and mild anesthesia are required.

      Your stem cell treatment is performed within only three hours with very little post-treatment pain, results usually begin to appear within 6-16 weeks, and continue to progressively improve for months after your surgery.

      Restoring the ability to initiate and maintain an erection and complete sexual function is a huge boost both physically and psychologically to those with erectile dysfunction problems.

      Erectile dysfunction Treatment by prosthetic device technology.

      Treatment of erectile dysfunction by implantation of the prosthetic device is an important therapeutic option for men who have a full erectile dysfunction or severe impotence for a medical reason, and have not responded to non-surgical treatments (such as medicines, external discharge devices, injection therapy, etc.).

      Prosthetic implants are permanent and irreversible surgery. It is important that men talk to the doctor about the advantages and possible complications of performing this surgery.This technique has two types of devices either bendable or inflatable.

      The first type consists of a pair of flexible rods that are surgically implanted inside the spongy tissue (cavernous body) of the penis, with this type of implant, the penis is always semi-rigid, and should only be raised or adjusted in an erect position to initiate intimacy, this type of implant is a good choice for men with spinal cord injuries and / or limited hand strength

      Erectile Dysfunction

      The second type is a hydraulically inflatable device which is the choice of most men, allowing them to erect when they want. It is easier to hide, but it is also more natural. This inflatable type consists of two connected cylinders, a tank and a pump. The two cylinders are inserted into the rod and connected to the tubing to a separate tank of saline solution. The tank is implanted under the muscles of the rectum in the lower abdomen. The pump is also connected to the system and is placed under the loose skin of the scrotum, between the testicles.

      Erectile Dysfunction

      All parts of the prosthetic system are inside the body and not visible, and it is a fact that the patient should know that the prosthetic system does not increase the length of the penis, penile implant surgery takes about an hour, and the man can resume sexual intercourse after 6 weeks of surgery.

      Effectiveness of Prosthetic Device:

      The prosthetic device gives immediate control of the timing of erection and automatically provides them with continuity and rigidity. It is important to emphasize that the process of implantation of the prosthetic system is to solve the problems of erection and increase the rigidity of the penis and not to increase its length.

      for more About prosthetic device technology

      for more About prosthetic device technology

      P-Shot technique, Plasma needles treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

      Priapus Shot, known as P-Shot, is a non-invasive male enhancement that seeks to delay ejaculation by nourishing the fiber-forming stem cells and nerve cells of the penis, as well as increasing the size of the penis and improving sexual function through natural factors Owned by the human body by naturally stimulating multi – capacity stem cells thus improving blood flow to the penis leading to a longer and more sustainable erection, simply it enhances your natural abilities safely and effectively.

      Erectile Dysfunction

      علاج ضعف الانتصاب - بي شوت ٠ ابر البلازما

      P-Shot workability, plasma needles.

      This modern therapeutic technique is based on injections of growth factors rich plasma needles derived from the patient’s blood sample inside the penis – and in specific places – to stimulate and rejuvenate the cells of the penis. This type of treatment does not disrupt you from your duties. You may resume your daily activities Regularly. The majority experience a gradual improvement over 3 to 6 weeks with maximum benefit after three full months, we should note that the results are long lasting and not permanent.

      Recently, we have applied shock wave therapy along with plasma sessions, which made the results very satisfactory. The principle of this therapy is to release low-density non-enlarged sound waves that pass through the erectile tissue, remove plaque from the blood vessels and encourage the growth of new blood vessels. 

      P-Shot treatment is suitable for the following cases:

      • Impaired ability to achieve or maintain an erection.·
      • Loss of sensation in the penis.·
      • Incomplete erection or decreased sex drive during sex.·
      • Increase the size of the penis.·
      • Treatment of premature ejaculation.·
      • A solution for men after prostate surgery.·
      • A solution for men with diabetes.

      Istanbul Clinic

      One of the first centers in Turkey specialized in treating sexual and anal diseases in men using the latest technology in the world, our treatments are carried out in the best Turkish hospitals and the most luxurious areas in Istanbul, and because we care about the quality of treatment at the Istanbul Clinic Center, we allocate the best medical staff in the field.

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